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Expert Blade Sharpening That Comes to You!

knife sharpening near me

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 Leave Your Blades on Your Porch

Razor Sharp Knives & Tools 60 
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See what your knives could look like before and after I sharpen them! 👇


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Untitled (1366 x 1366 px) (6)_edited.png
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Culinary Crusaders 
Blossoming Botanists
Wilderness Wanderers
Quilting Queens
Fishing Fanatics

Sushi Samurai
Knife Sharpening Near Me


sharpening near me

Jeremiah Tiews
The Sharpening Expert


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Pick a Time For Us to Swing By in Tulsa Area.


knife sharpening near me
knife sharpening near me

Leave Your Blades on the Porch at Scheduled Time.


Enjoy Your Razor-Sharp Blades 60 Minutes Later!


knife sharpening near me


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Pocket Knives

Kitchen Knives

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Serrated Knives



Hand Pruners

Mower Blades

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Large Loppers





Starting at $50


1 Blade..................$47.97 ($47.97/blade)
2 Blades ..............$52.94 ($25.97/blade)
3 Blades...............$53.91 ($17.97/blade)
4 Blades...............$55.88 ($13.97/blade)
5 Blades...............$59.85 ($11.97/blade)
6 Blades...............$65.82 ($10.97/blade)
7 Blades...............$69.81 ($9.97/blade)
8 Blades...............$71.76 ($8.97/blade)
9+ Blades......................... ($7.97/blade)

Note: Large items (like mowers and loppers) add $6 per item.


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Untitled (1366 x 1366 px) (6)_edited.png
Untitled (1366 x 1366 px) (6)_edited.png

No Extra Charge for Coming to Your Home!

Free Cleaning and De-Rusting!

Custom Before and After Video!

Knife Sharpening Near Me

We Don't Sharpen Chainsaws, Hair or Fur Clipper Blades, or Salon Scissors.

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Pickup at Your Doorstep


Easy Pricing

I'll swing by so you can kick back.

No extra travel fee or tax added.


Busy? Leave Them on the Porch

We invoice online so we're contactless!


Personalized Service

The same guy you call is the same guy that sharpens!


Super Quick Turnaround

Personal Before & After Video 

Most orders returned in 45-90 minutes!

We'll text you a before and after video of your knives!


Razor-Sharp or You Don't Pay

15 Minute Arrival Window

Truth: Your knives will be able to slice paper effortlessly.

8AM to 8 PM arrival windows are dumb. We keep you up-to-date.




Since 2016, I've been on a journey of studying, analyzing, and perfecting the art of blade sharpening. My goal is to achieve an incredibly sharp edge while ensuring the overall health and durability of your blades.

Jeremiah, his wife Marianna, and their daughter Rosemary live in midtown Tulsa, OK with their standard poodle Monty.


  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Once your blades are ready, I'll shoot over an online invoice via text for a smooth payment process with your credit card or Apple/Google Pay. I also accept payment in cash, check, Cashapp, Venmo, or even Bitcoin. Choose the option that suits you best!
  • How far do you travel?
    I cover a wide service area, including Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Sand Springs, Coweta, Glenpool, and Jenks, within a convenient 30-minute radius of downtown Tulsa. If you're located beyond this distance, we can discuss the possibility on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, you're more than welcome to arrange a drop-off at my house near 21st and Lewis in Tulsa.
  • Do I have to be home when you come?
    Not at all! Many customers prefer to leave their knives on the porch, making it hassle-free for them. Once I'm done, I'll send the invoice over text, allowing you to conveniently pay online. You don't need to worry about being home or opening the door – it's a seamless process designed for your ease and convenience!
  • Do you have a shop?
    My primary focus is on providing Tulsans with convenient mobile service, traveling from house to house during the day. If you happen to live far from Tulsa, OK, or if you prefer, you're more than welcome to get in touch and arrange a time to drop off your knives at my house in midtown Tulsa.
  • How do you sharpen the knives?
    I utilize belt sharpeners equipped with belts reaching up to 15k grit, occasionally dipping the knives in water to keep them cool. The finishing touch involves polishing the edge on a leather strop to achieve a mirrored finish. Precision is my top priority – I take great care in matching the angle of the bevel down to the exact degree. This approach ensures not only the sharpest edge but also minimizes the amount of metal removed, prioritizing the longevity of your blades. To guarantee optimal performance, I test every knife on paper to ensure it slices effortlessly. Your satisfaction and the functionality of your blades are of utmost importance to me.
  • Can you sharpen this special knife/sword/machete I have?
    It's not common for me to come across a blade I can't sharpen. It would be helpful if you could text me a picture of your knife or blade you want sharpened. This helps me understand it better and give you the best advice.
  • Is there a maximum number of blades you can sharpen?
    For a standard appointment with a two hour block I can sharpen up to 30 blades. If you have more than this, just let me know in advance so I can be prepared!
  • What brands of knives and tools do you sharpen?
    I'm here to sharpen just about everything for you! While I see a lot of Wusthof, Henckels, and Shun knives on my sharpening table, I'm equipped to handle any brand you throw my way. The question isn't whether your knives are worth sharpening; it's more about if you'd use the knife if it were sharp. I'm up for the challenge with almost any type, but there's just one thing to note. If the blade is painted and chipping badly or the handle is severely damaged, I might suggest buying a new knife. However, for all those knives you'd reach for if they were sharp, they're absolutely worth the sharpening treatment! For gardening tools, they're definitely worth sharpening as long as the handles are in good condition and the blades close properly. I can easily clean off rust and dirt! Let's bring those blades back to life!
  • Do you clean the blades as well?
    When it comes to garden tools, I take special care in giving them a thorough cleaning using vinegar and a gentle touch with a steel or brass brush to eliminate any rust or grime. Following that, I make sure they're well-protected by applying a coat of silicone dry lubricant. As for knives, a few drops of vinegar are all that's needed to clean the blades. I exclusively use food-safe materials on kitchen knives. Your tools and knives will be in top-notch shape, ready for action!
  • Are there any types of blades you do not sharpen?
    I can usually sharpen any straight edge or curved blade for you, which includes knives and other tools. However, I don't work on saw blades like miter saws or hand saws or grooming or salon equipment such as salon scissors or clipper blades. If you have any questions about what I can sharpen, feel free to start a text message conversation with me by putting your number in the box below. —I'm here to help!
  • Do you provide any tips for maintaining the sharpness of knives?
    Use your knife only for its intended purpose! I've come across many knives that needed fixing because they were used as screwdrivers or crowbars. It's best to keep them out of the dishwasher and instead hand wash and dry them promptly. If you want to maintain the edge, using a leather strop or honing steel can work wonders. For garden tools, make sure you keep them clean and dry. Also never force your tools to cut since this can bend the blade cause damage that is very hard or impossible to fix.
  • How often should I get my knives sharpened?
    The frequency of getting your knives professionally sharpened is entirely up to you, but most folks find that every 3-6 months works well to keep their blades in top-notch condition. Feel free to choose the schedule that suits your needs best!
  • Can I watch the sharpening process at the Tulsa Farmers Market?
    Absolutely! You can find me at the Tulsa Farmers Market located at 1st and Lewis in Tulsa. To make sure I'll be there, you can check their website or send me a text for confirmation. If the market is open, I'm guaranteed to be there, ready to take care of your knife sharpening needs.
  • Do you offer gift certificates for your sharpening services?
    I sure do! Text or call me if you'd like to set this up. I have a physical and digital giftcard I can send you. Most folks get at least a $64 giftcard which covers 8 knives. That's the most common amount.
  • Can you sharpen specialty blades, such as single-bevel Japanese knives or specialty pocket knives?
    Since establishing my business in 2016, I've honed the edges of nearly every knife imaginable. If you're feeling hesitant about entrusting your blade to me, I completely understand. You're welcome to start with a less valuable knife for a trial sharpening to gauge my skill. Nevertheless, I have full confidence that you'll be pleased with the quality of my workmanship.
  • Do you need power or anything else from me when you come sharpen?
    Nope! I do all the work in the back of my Honda CRV. I use a generator for power. I like to park in the street where its level and I have ample space. (Also like to position myself so I get more shade in the summer.)


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